Defconn “Two bikes stolen”… How much damage

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Defconn revealed that two bicycles were stolen and damaged 11 million won.

On the 17th, Defconn referred to the bicycle theft through his YouTube channel ‘Defconn TV’ and said, “It’s not that sad, but my family is also angry and angry.”

“I reported to the police and are analyzing CCTV. I will definitely catch the killer,” he speculated, “I think it was intentionally stolen.”

In the video released on the 19th, he explained the situation at the time of the theft, saying, “Many people give a lot of advice, so we will disclose the detailed theft route and situation.”

Defconn said, “It was not stolen after being parked outdoors, but the criminal trespassed, climbed the stairs, and stole the bicycle with the lock in front of the door. I’m not going to make an agreement. The thief may assumed that I think I’ll forgive him, because I look so humorous on TV. But, I will never forgive him.”
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