Jin Hae-sim VIP fan showcase, supported by ‘Kim Soo-hyun’, Kim Choong-hun, Jin Simon, etc.

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jin Hae-sim opens a VIP fan showcase and meets fans.

Jin Hae-sim will hold a VIP fan showcase at Jeonju Eugene 7080 Emotion Live Hall on the 24th. Eugene 7080 Emotional Live is a sacred place of Jeonju Live, adding meaning to this showcase.

This showcase, planned by Switch Promotion, will be decorated with a composition that reinterprets the recent trot craze while stimulating the retro sensibility with the progress of the 7080 analog format. As a member of the band, Jin Hae-sim, who can digest a variety of genres such as pop, 7080 songs, and traditional songs, is planning to work with a variety of music.

The showcase will feature actor Kim Soo-hyun’s father and singer Kim Choong-hoon, singer Jin Si-mon, DJ Ha-sim and singer Kim Ki-ha.

Switch Promotion said, “Currently, the trend of trot and traditional song, 7080 continues, and it was planned to spread the popularity that is distributed only in the metropolitan area. At the time of the announcement of Jin Hae-sim’s showcase recruitment, many people requested to purchase tickets, and local cultural and artistic activities were carried out. It is expected to give vitality to the company.”


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