Min Se-young releases ‘Like a Boss’ today (20th)… “I will actively go on the online stage”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Min Se-young is going to comeback in the fall with his new song’Like a Boss’.

Min Se-young, who has shown various styles of music including emotional ballads from the beginning of his debut, begins a new activity with a dance song following ‘Get Out’ released last year.

The new song ‘Like a Boss’, released on the 20th, puts out a content and style that emphasizes a distinctive, popping, and distinctive look rather than a similar and the same color in today’s trend-sensitive era. The inner heart of a confident and confident woman without hesitation was expressed with straightforward lyrics.

‘I’m bored, what am I / what he does, blah blah / There’s nothing to do / Don’t be fuss, I’m not interested at all… … This is my color / What am I going to do / I’m not the same as others / As I’m drawn to, I feel the dignity of the song that continues.

This dance song of Mumbaton Beats, which combines an addictive chorus and a dance break with a South American feel, was made through the work of hit composers Peter Pan, Lee Jun-hwan, and KEEPINTOUCH.

Min Se-young, who made her debut in the music industry by releasing the single ‘I AM’ in 2017, is looking forward to the activity of the new dance song ‘Like a Boss’ while attracting attention from the people concerned with OST singing activities and excellent song interpretation ability to digest songs of various genres. Are collecting.

The agency’s MSY Entertainment side said, “Min Se-young participated in photography and music video planning while preparing for the release of the new song, and showed his unique talents.”

The sound source of Min Se-young’s new song ‘Like a Boss’ will be released on the domestic music site at noon on the 20th.


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