Park Eun-bin x Kim Min-jae, who quit violin and piano, the ending?

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‘Do you like Brahms?’ Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae gave the final points of watching.

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Do you like Brahms?’ (screenplay Ryubori, director Cho Young-min) is leaving the final episode today (20th). ‘Do you like Brahms?’ is a story that contains the breathtaking dreams and love of classical music students standing on the border at the age of twenty-nine.

Above all, the most curious thing about the final episode is how Chae Song-ah (played by Park Eun-bin) and Park Joon-young (played Kim Min-jae) will end their love and music. Most of them attracted attention by predicting a different ending from other dramas that make their dreams come true.

In response, Park Eun-bin said, “Please watch what choices Song-ah makes to be happy. I hope that all the people in the world like Song-A can be happy together. Thank you for supporting and loving us.”

Chae Song-ah, who wants to do as well as he likes, but was hurt and hurt due to lack of talent, brought out viewers’ sympathy throughout the broadcast. It is a reaction that Chae Song-ah, shaking and wandering at the border between dreams and reality, was like ours in reality. How will Chae Song-ah’s life continue after the violin escapes, and Chae Song-a’s desperate dream will be let go, and viewers have no choice but to watch the final episode by supporting her.

The ending of Park Joon-young, who decided to quit the piano, also stimulates curiosity. In the last 15 episodes, Park Joon-young showed a different change by loving Chae Song-ah. Park Joon-young, who always put her feelings in a subordinate position, cried out in front of her mother, saying it was difficult, and she became more greedy for her love for Chae Song-ah.

Among them, Chae Song-ah’s sincerity, saying, “I wish I could play that follows my heart,” focused attention on how it would affect Park’s choice. Will Park Jun-young go to the Tchaikovsky Competition he was preparing? Or is it really retiring a pianist? I am curious about the choice that follows Park Joon-young’s heart.

Kim Min-jae said, “Please watch Joon-young become happy together. I think I ended up well thanks to the love and support that I have given me. Crescendo!”, spooking the subtitle of the final meeting with surprise, thanked him. ‘Do you like Brahms?’ is a subtitle that implies a story every time, so what is the message contained in the final subtitle Crescendo (more and more) is stimulating the curiosity of enthusiastic viewers.

Finally, the direction of the romance between Chae Song-ah and Park Joon-young is also a point of watching that should not be missed in the final episode. In the 15th episode, Park Jun-young confessed to Chae Song-ah, “I love you” as his heart followed. So what kind of answer will Chae Song-ah give? ‘Do you like Brahms?’ The production crew said, “What kind of stories will be left in a chapter of Song Ah and Jun-young’s hot twenty-nine-year-old life, please support the two and watch the final episode.”

Meanwhile, the final episode of ‘Do you like Brahms?’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 20th.

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