Park Na-rae, “I feel like a celebrity” at the happy birthday billboard

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Na-rae was impressed by the fans’ birthday celebration billboards.

On the 20th, Park Na-rae posted a photo on his Instagram with a post saying, “Thank you very much to all of our fan cafe families. I am so grateful, sorry, embarrassed and love that I want to see if I can enjoy such a luxury. I feel like a celebrity.”

In the released photo, she leaves a verification shot in the subway station where the birthday billboard is located. Although I covered my face with a hat and mask, I felt the emotions of the fans’ love.

Next to Pa가 Na-rae, there is a billboard with the phrase’Happy Birthday to the beauty comedian Park Na-rae’. The love of the fans for Park Na-rae and the appearance of Park Na-rae leaving a certification shot to reward him creates warmth.

Photo| Park Narae SNS

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