‘Taste of Wife’ Jung Dong-won reveals the ordinary 14-year-old Hadong life

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Taste of Wife’, Jung Dong-won presents a real Hadong life that was not normally seen on the stage, providing a normal but genuine’hometown taste’.

On the 120th episode of TV CHOSUN’s entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’ to be broadcast on the 20th (today), Jung Dong-won, who visited his hometown Hadong, transformed into a 14-year-old student instead of a Trot gifted singer. He conveys a happy laughter with his daily life in Hadong, which was not revealed.

Jung Dong-won, who had been able to afford it after a long time, headed to Hadong, his hometown, at the same time as he left school. From the first public appearance of Jung Dong-won in school uniform to the life of a very ordinary 14-year-old student.

Above all, Jung Dong-won, and his brother Jung Dong-hyuk, and his dad reproduced the reality version of ‘I need a conversation’, as a meal time with no conversation at all, making even viewers awkward. ‘Steamed Son’, who was blunt despite the pouring storm questions of the studio, surprised the studio Amat Pam.

However, as if trying to break through the’three riches’ awkwardness’ after the meal, the brothers Jung Dong-won and Jung Dong-hyuk prepared a special room stage only for their father and attracted attention. The situation where the brothers Jung Dong-won and Jung Dong-hyuk boasted a great trot performance in a previous program and brought the topic of attention. The two brothers made it on a special stage for a father who is regretful of not seeing the stage in person, and the father’s reaction is arousing curiosity.

In particular, Jung Dong-won focused his attention with the appearance of visiting the oxygen of the nostalgic grandfather who took care of himself as a son. Jung Dong-won, who showed his adultness by drinking coffee that his grandfather normally liked, aroused regret by confessing his honest heart to his grandfather. In addition, since the days of ‘Mr. Trot’, Jung Dong-won, who has the title of ‘Underwear Fairy’, showed off his love for underwear and gave a laugh by releasing a F/W underwear collection that has never been revealed anywhere else.

On the other hand, on this day’s broadcast, Lee Hwi-jae and Moon Jung-won, who confused Amat Pam with a Kimchi hidden camera, showed a situational drama ‘World of Amat’, causing laughter. It was a situational play that started as a joke by Hong Hyun-hee, but Moon Jung-won saw Lee Hwi-jae’s reaction when he saw Lee Sang-jun’s blind date, and gave a swing of anger with 100% emotion. From the Kimchi hidden camera to the ‘World of Amat’, the Amatpam Kimchi season, which has returned after two years, is attracting attention.

The production crew said, “Jung Dong-won, who visited Ha-dong in his hometown after a long time, captured ordinary daily life with his dad and younger brother. We have a lot of things to see, from Jung Dong-won’s lively real life to Amat Pam’s lame kimchi, so please look forward to it.” Told.

Meanwhile, the 120th episode of TV CHOSUN’s entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 20th (today).

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