‘The House Detox’ Park Na-rae x Hwang Je-seong “We kissed before”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Na-rae presented a laugh flower with a business couple Hwang Je-seong and a steamy chemistry.

On the tvN ‘The House Detox’ broadcasted on the 19th, Park Na-rae visited the house of comedians Hwang Je-seong and Park Cho-eun with Shin Ae-ra and Yoon Gyun-sang.

At the opening, Pa가 Na-rae revealed, “Today’s client has kissed me a lot at one time,” raising questions. She added, “It’s a kiss, but it’s a business kiss I did for the drama.” “It’s a parenting daddy similar to Kim Dong-hyun.

Park Na-rae, who entered the house of the Hwang Je-seong, said, “Hey, you guest” to Hwang Je-seong, who occupied the main room and embroidered the whole house with his own, unlike the request story of “It looks like living in a guest house.” In addition, to the shaved ice machine that pushed the oven to the warehouse, she said “It is breaking ice”, and made people laugh.

With a full-fledged arrangement, Park Na-rae attacked the black history by chewing one by one when a large number of past profile photos of the emperor’s castle were released from the sealed box. However, when the broadcaster’s union notebook appeared and the past photos of Park Na-rae were released, they were suddenly confused, saying, “This is a picture before tuning,” and made everyone laugh.

Park Na-rae, who was immersed in organizing it, burst out a laughter bomb with the words, “Then, bring your first X cheap tissues,” to Hwang Je-seong, who restrained the abandonment of “the first luxury T-shirt.” In the end, Hwang Je-seong said, “The words moved my heart. I want to wipe X with that T-shirt. The best I’ve heard this year.”

As such, Park Na-rae visited the house of his best friend Emperor Emperor’s gag, and gave a close laugh with an episode of a business kissing couple in the past, and gave off an exhilarating chemistry every moment and delivered the excitement of organizing, filling the home theater on Tuesday night with delightful laughter.

On the other hand, Park Na-rae, who proved to be the best comedian at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards after receiving the Entertainment Awards last year, has been shown to be the best comedian at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, as well as appearing on various TV shows, including MBC’s ‘Save Me Holmes’, ‘I Live Alone’ tvN ‘Comedy Big Leauge’ and ‘Doremi Market’.


Photo courtesy| tvN ‘The House Detox’ capture

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