‘Exercise Dung’ Kim Mi-Hyun, Kim Min-kyung VS Kim Jun-Ho, Hong In-gyu Screen Golf Showdown…Who is the winner?

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Mi-Hyun, Kim Min-kyung vs. Kim Jun-Ho, Hong In-gyu played golf.

In ‘Exercise Dung’, which will be unveiled on the 21st, Professor Kim Mi-Hyun and Kim Min-Kyung played a screen golf matchup with Kim Jun-ho and Hong In-gyu, creating tension with a tight match.

Kim Joon-ho, who appeared at the screen golf course wearing a couple look with Hong In-gyu, said, “I have practiced a lot because I met Pro Kim Mi-hyun,” and introduced a so-called ‘Disco Swing’ that he developed. In addition, Hong In-gyu took a swing with a flying distance of 235m to overwhelm the steamer, and showed a confident appearance, saying, “This is Hong In-gyu’s golf.”

As a result, Kim Mi-Hyun admitted, “It seems that the two of you have really practiced a lot,” but pointed out that “I cannot go that far with this swing.”

After a while, a full-fledged confrontation began, and Kim Mi-hyun and Hong In-gyu exchanged birdies with each other and continued a close battle. Hong In-gyu strained Kim Mi-hyun with continued hole-in, and even though Kim Mi-hyun had retired nine years, he still led the game with a strong shot.

Nevertheless, the highlight of the day was Kim Min-kyung’s chip-in.

Hong In-gyu, who saw Kim Min-kyung, said, “It’s really difficult. Some people quit playing golf without doing this. Kim Min-kyung has great feelings.”

As expected, you can check who will have won the screen golf match between Kim Mi-Hyun, Kim Min-kyung vs. Kim Jun-ho Hong In-gyu on the YouTube channel ‘Delicious Guys’ at 6 pm on this day.


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