Kim Han-gil and Choi Myung-gil, Love Story “The first meeting was’we kissed’”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

While Kim Han-gil, who is suffering from lung cancer, has revealed that his wife, Choi Myung-gil, has been revived through the prudent care of his wife, the love stories of the two are being refocused.

In KBS 2TV ‘Problem Child in House’, broadcast on the 20th, the 100th episode was featured, and Kim Han-gil and Choi Myung-gil, who are living their second life after passing the big hurdle of the 4th lung cancer, appeared and talked.

On this day, Kim Han-gil told her a fateful meeting with Choi Myung-gil and a movie-like marriage story.

Kim Han-gil introduced his first relationship, saying, “I did the radio at the same time. I saw it often in the corridor, but I was good at greeting and I watched it pretty.” In response, Choi Myung-gil said, “I thought I was a very elderly person and made me feel like it was. But I was surprised to say that I was forty three.”

Kim Han-gil said, “I got the phone number and called on my home phone, but I got it at once. From the beginning, he said, ‘Please marry me.’ After that, I talked on the phone for 2 hours in the morning. While on the phone, I couldn’t do this, so I asked to meet him. We met at 2 in the morning, and Hwang Shin-hye walked over from the car. It was Hwang Shin-hye’s help to avoid being noticed. As soon as I met him, he asked me to kiss.”

Kim Han-gil said, “And after a week, I have lunch, and the restaurant owner seems to have reported. The next day, an article about the marriage rumor appeared in the newspaper. So I got married the next day.”

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