“Light for the Youth” Kim Ho-jeong “Director Shin Soo-won’s fan, acting as written in the screenplay”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Light for the Youth’ Kim Ho-jeong said he was a fan of Director Shin Soo-won.

On the afternoon of the 21st, a premiere and press conference for the movie ‘Light for the Youth’ was held at CGV Yongsan in Seoul. Director Shin Soo-won and actor Kim Ho-jeong, Yoon Chan-young and Jeong Ha-dam Choi Jun-young attended.

Kim Ho-jeong said, “I acted as written in the scenario. I am a fan of Director Shin Soo-won. It allows social problems to be incorporated into the play. I was pleased to join the film with the director and started filming.”

“It was difficult at first. I’ve been working hard, but I live more like a bad guy than anyone else. He explained that he should have become an adult who can be a good example for a character named Jun in a situation where he may be cut off, but this is a role that makes it tragic.”

In addition, Kim Ho-jeong thought that rather than simply approaching as a villain, she should dissolve both sides of the perpetrator and the victim in another system of society. Call center employees are said to be one of the tough jobs. It was really hard to act in the set position. She said, “I did not act explosively in the scene itself, but in consultation with the director, and in harmony with the actors.”

‘Light for the Youth’ draws the whole story of a shocking incident left by life practice to move to the bright future that everyone dreams of through the mysterious clues that come daily from the trainees who were found as a delinquent after disappearing after going to receive the card arrears. Screened on the 28th.


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