‘Radio Star’ Jin Sung gave a name of sub character for Ahn Young-mi

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Father of Yoo San-seul’ Jin Sung presents a name to Ahn Young-mi, who showed a willingness to challenge the erotic song. In addition, Lee Kun-woo, who wrote about 1,200 songs such as Kim Yeon-ja ‘Amor Party’ and Yoo Seul Yoo, ‘Hapjeong Station Exit 5’ promised to write lyrics to ‘Ero Song Trainee’ Ahn Young-mi.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ (directed by Choi Haeng-ho), broadcast on the 21st, is a special feature of ‘The God of Music’ with the four judges Eunmi Lee, Jin Sung, Park Kalin and Lee Kun-woo, who will discover the second Na Hoon-ah and Cho Yong-pil through ‘The People of Trot’.

Ahn Young-mi, who has been showing her will to transform into a singer whenever musicians guest appear, once again reveals her greed for ‘singer sub character’ when’music gods’ such as Jin Sung and Lee Kun-woo, who raised the trot-based Lee Moo-gi Yoo San-seul, appear.

Lee Kun-woo said, “It’s so shocking that I was surprised by Ahn Young-mi before recording ‘Radio Star’. He has a name as a lyricist, but he said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever met a singer like this.” The reason Ahn Young-mi asked Lee Kun-woo for the’Hit Song Maker’ was none other than ‘Ero Song’.

Lee Kun-woo said, “In fact, I hate comedians singing” and rejected Ahn Young-mi’s request, and Ahn Young-mi, who became gloomy, asked, “Isn’t Yoo Jae-seok (Yoo San-seul) a comedian?” The year makes them curious about their Tikitaka.

In the end, Lee Kun-woo promises to present Ahn Young-mi with the song ‘Ero Song’, but it is a message that he made the scene laugh with one unexpected condition. It arouses curiosity whether Ahn Young-mi and Lee Kun-woo’s ‘Ero Song Collaboration’ will succeed.

Jin Sung, who named Yoo San-seul’s name as ‘Yoo San-seul’s father’, proposes a ‘surprise test’ to Ahn Young-mi. Accordingly, Ahn Young-mi sang a rock version of’I have a lover’ with ‘TMI (Too much information)’, who challenged the band audition program with Lee Eun-mi’s hit song ‘I have a lover’, and brought out a reaction of “Are you a hater of Lee Eun-mi ?”

After a glimpse of Ahn Young-mi’s singing ability and potential, Jin Sung is said to have named the name of ‘Ero Song sub character’ with a short and bold review, which raises curiosity about what the name for Ahn Young-mi’s sub character is indeed. The broadcast is on the 21st at 10:40 pm.


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