‘Taste of wife’ Moon Jung-won said to Lee Hwi-jae, who expressed jealousy over Jung Joon-ho’s room “I will make it when I have a third child

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

When Lee Hwi-jae envied Jung Joon-ho’s room, Moon Jung-won put up a special condition.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’, which aired on the 20th, the appearance of Lee Hwi-jae and Moon Jung-won, who visited the luxurious new house of Jung Joon-ho and Lee Ha-jung, were drawn.

On this day, Lee Hwi-jae and Moon Jung-won visited Lee Ha-jung’s house and prepared kimchi. When their hands were short, they even contacted Jang Young-ran and Hong Hyun-hee and held the ‘Amat Kimjang Meeting’.

When his hands were secured, Lee Hwi-jae went to the new house and envied Moon Jung-won, saying, “The new house chairman (Jung Joon-ho)’s room was so good. The man’s room is like that.”

Jung Joon-ho’s room was not only a spacious space, but also a large desk and trophies on display, creating a luxurious atmosphere just by looking at it. In response, Moon Jung-won promised, “If you have a third child, I will make your room the same as your brother’s room,” and Lee Hwi-jae joked, “If you have a third child, please let me go away.”


Photo| TV Chosun broadcast screen capture

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