‘Can we fall in love again? 3’PD “Hyunwoo and Ji Joo-yeon fall in love?” [Interview]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Can we fall in love again? 3’ Hyun-woo and Ji Joo-yeon confessed their feelings toward each other with a stone, and colored the home theater in pink. It was confusing whether it was virtual or real.

They expressed confusion about meeting each other as a ‘virtual couple’ in MBN’s entertainment program ‘Can we fall in love again?’, which aired on the 21st.

On this day, Hyun-woo visited Ji Joo-yeon’s practice site for Seoul National University’s theater alumni association theater company to support her. After the play, the two went on a ‘midnight car date’. Hyun-woo hesitated for a moment at Ji Joo-yeon’s question, “How did you feel when you saw my love scene in the audience?” and asked, “What are we in between?” Then he said, “Let’s talk for a minute,” and stopped the car on the banks of the Han River.

Ji Joo-yeon also confessed to the confusion that comes from the boundary between the broadcast and the actual situation in response to Hyun-woo’s honest reaction, “I feel pissed off to be hugged (with my partner actor), and I am anxious though it is broadcast.” Subsequently, Ji Joo-yeon expressed a feeling of happiness, saying, “When I was acting as a character in a play, there were many times when you were drawn and I was sad, and you are just sad.” Hyun-woo, who wiped Ji Joo-yeon’s tears warmly, soon confessed her heart, saying, “I guess you like it.” “Do you really like me?” asked Ji Joo-yeon, “Yeah, that’s okay,” said Hyun-woo, holding hands and looking at each other warmly.

On the 22nd, PD Yoon Sang-jin said in a phone call with Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “We were surprised to hear from Hyun-woo. Didn’t you even say ‘I think I like you.’ even though it was broadcast. ‘Why did you talk about that? Should I edit this?’ I asked, but they said it was okay and sent it out as it is. That’s not something that can be thrown fake. The two are sincerely working on the filming, and a lot of progress has actually been made. As it flows, I want to include it in the program.”

In addition, “Ji Joo-yeon  thought ‘someone replaces me’ when starting this show, but she keeps saying that she had difficulty in distinguishing reality and the variety show. What I felt while watching the two at the scene is the same atmosphere that came out yesterday. 100 days have passed since they already met. We met through work, but it’s true that there are a lot of emotions mixed together.”

PD Yoon Sang-jin said, “Next week, 8 performers gather in one place and honestly share their feelings for each other with the filming episodes. Hyun-woo and Joo Ji-yeon’s current heart will also appear. Please look forward to it.”

The 7th episode of MBN’s ‘Can we fall in love again? ‘ airs at 11pm on Wednesday, 28th.

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