Jin Gu confirmed to appear in the movie ‘You Are So Precious to Me’ (tentative title)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Jin Gu was cast as the main character in the movie ‘You Are So Precious to Me’ (tentative title).

The movie ‘You Are So Precious to Me’ (directors Lee Chang-won, Kwon Seong-mo), starring Jin Gu, is a work that deals with the life changes experienced by a boy who has lived a lifetime alone and a child with an audio-visual disability.

It is a story in which Jae-sik (Jin Gu), the representative of Sik Entertainment, an event agency, has a relationship with Eun-eun (Jeong Seo-yeon), a child with an audio-visual disability, and communicates with them.

Jae-sik is the owner of a peculiar dystrophy in the play, but he continues his life at the risk of discomfort while living with the grace that even basic communication is impossible. Afterwards, as they try and find a way to communicate with each other, amazing changes will take place in their lives. The movie will capture the ‘miracle of daily life’ achieved by Jae-sik and Grace through their efforts for communication.

Jin Gu, who showed genuine acting across movies and dramas such as ‘Mother’, ’26 Years’, and ‘Descendants of the Sun’, the character of ‘Jae-sik’ that he will show in ‘You are so precious to me’ is a deep emotion and lingering lingering feeling to the audience.

In particular, ‘You Are So Precious to Me’ adds meaning as a work that has been criticized by the Korean Film Promotion Commission as ‘a scenario that led to a hot impression through detailed tracking of the subject matter that must be made into a movie at least once.’

On the other hand, Jin Gu’s new work ‘You Are So Precious to Me’ began filming on October 15th in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do.


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