‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ recorded on the 1st place, beating ‘Voice of Silence’ [MK Box Office]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ (director Jong-pil Lee) topped the box office on its release date.

According to the aggregate computer network of the movie theater admission ticket of the Film Promotion Committee on the 22nd, the movie ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’, which was released on the 21st, summoned 37,411 people on the day of its release and started as the box office No. 1. The cumulative number of audiences was 46,198.

Film has been in the company for 8 years in 1995, and his work skills are veteran, but he is always in the short term. It is the story of three friends who are listening to the company’s TOEIC class together to discover the corruption committed by the company. Go Ah-sung, Lee Som, and Park Hye-soo appear.

The movie ‘Voice of Silence’ (director Hong Ui-jeong) was pushed to second place. By adding 15,508 daily audiences, it recorded 278,610 cumulative audiences.

In the third place, the long-running box office ‘Pawn’ (director Kang Dae-gyu) was named. On the same day, 12,681 people were mobilized, and the cumulative number of audiences was 1.49 million.


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