The music movie ‘Swag’ starring Niel confirmed to be released in December [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The music movie ‘Swag’ (Director Lim Seong-gwan) confirmed its release in December and released a teaser poster.

‘Swag’ is a music drama depicting the dreams, love, and passion of those who encountered the world, including L, an aspiring rapper who only knows me, a rising K-POP star Jay, a natural genius producer Oji, and the story of three clumsy but shining youth.

Here, the major producing duo Groovy Room participates as an OST producer, raising expectations. Groovy Room, currently the hottest producer in the Korean hip-hop scene, made its name known by working with musicians known as Dynamic Duo, Cheetah, Park Jae-beom, and Heize. Groovy Room, which combines skill and influence, has three youth’s dreams, love, and love through ‘Swag’. With passion, we completed a playlist that beats our hearts.

In addition, the best vocalist Hyorin, as well as Hanhae, G2, Yunbi, Ready, Wootan, and Audi, all of the ultra-luxurious hip-hop troops dispatched the OST, predicting a full-fledged return to the ears throughout the running time. The video completed with the LA location and various stage productions will show a new style of sensuous video.

Teen top Niel, who played the rapper wannabe L, also catches the eye. Niel, who challenges the first lead role on the screen, shows off dance, song, stage, and romance, and is completely transformed into a youth icon and is ready to meet the audience. In particular, as he is in charge of vocals at the idol group Teen Top, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, he is expected to captivate the audience by filling the screen with more brilliant skills and charisma than anyone else on stage.

In the teaser poster released, the figure of L standing under the gorgeous spotlight on the stage catches the eye with the stylish music drama genre at once. In particular, the title, expressed with a rough texture as if it was hurt, evokes curiosity as it seems to reveal the appearance of the three youths in conflict with the world. The film will be released in December.

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