Choi Chul-ho,’shock’ after the assault case of juniors [General]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Choi Chul-ho’s shocking current situation was revealed.

The recent status of Choi Chul-ho, who is living as a daily worker, was revealed in MBN’s ‘On-the-Site Special Report’ (hereinafter ‘Special World’) broadcast on the 22nd.

Choi Chul-ho, who was attracting attention as an acting actor as a big character in many historical dramas such as ‘Taejo Wang Geon’ and ‘Dae Jo-yeong,’ virtually ceased activities after the controversy about the assault of juniors in 2010. At the time of the incident, the controversy over false explanations sparked public anger and later held a press conference and repented, but could not turn back the hearts of the people who turned.

Choi Chul-ho, who virtually quit acting as an actor, went into business afterwards, but after his failure, he was currently working and living in a delivery distribution center.

Choi Chul-ho met the production team after working overnight at the distribution center, where 1.7 million logistics are being processed a day. He has been living with his colleagues in the distribution center for 4 months in a studio about 16.5m2.

Choi Chul-ho said, “I have to live, so I have to do it” about choosing the delivery day. Choi Chul-ho said, “(deferral) work has been decreasing, so I tried to do business once, and due to various aftermaths of the corona, debt was also created and the situation was bad. I was indebted to endure it, and it became unbearable.”

He continued, “My wife and children are in the house, and my parents are in a nursing home.”

He also opened his mouth calmly about the false explanation of the assault case of his juniors 10 years ago. “It’s unforgivable, but I’m repenting and asking myself for forgiveness,” he recalled when the assault controversy spread 10 years ago.

Choi Chul-ho said, “I got a call from the reporter, but I answered that it was not. I regret it the most.” Later, he admitted and apologized for everything, but couldn’t turn back the public’s mind, he said, “everything comes with a price. I learned to live well.”

Choi Chul-ho added, “I don’t know the future. I am doing my best with the responsibilities I can do with the desire to recover my main job or family. If there is something better, I will do my best again.”

After the broadcast, netizens responded that they were surprised. Still, many netizens are showing cold reactions such as “You deserved to live earning for living”, “All people are facing difficult times”, but there are many gazes of regret at the shocking current situation of the actor who was praised for acting.

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