In ‘It’s me’, Dia had a performance and Tae Jin-ah said, “Let’s join my dinner show”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The acappella group ‘DIA’ steals the heart of the godfather Tae Jin-ah at once and focuses attention.

MBN ‘It’s me’, broadcast on the 23rd (today), is a program that discovers hidden stars in Korea full of talent and talent. With a splendid stage decorated with various specialties every time, it is captivating the eyes and ears of viewers. In the  episode 3, decorated with a special feature of ‘Genre Destruction’, various specialties that twist and digest the trot appear to decorate a spectacular stage.

In particular, ‘Dia’, acappella group that can play various musical genres by mouth, presented a stage that reinterpreted ‘Chan Chan-chan’ by Pyeon Seung-yeop and ‘Tarreung’ by Hong Jin-young to suit the acappella. The appearance of singing along the lines created a surprise around the world.

Tae Jin-ah said, “I wonder why I didn’t know there was such a group. Even if they sing along to the performances they make with their mouths, it will not be comparable.” In response, ‘Dia’ instantly created a beat that fits his hit song ‘Companion’, and Tae Jin-ah also sent a love call saying, “I hope we will be with my dinner show later.”

Shinji also sang Koyota’s hit song ‘Breakingdom’ along with ‘Dia’ and made the atmosphere hot. “It’s a song I sang at the age of 19, and accompaniment is important because I have to digest the distinctive high pitch. Now, I have faith enough to entrust all of my things to the notes made by the first ‘Dia’ group.” said Tae Jin-ah.

On the other hand, ‘Dia’, which imprinted the voice of the public with a famous franchise hamburger advertisement song rather than the group name, said, “There are many people who call our group ‘3,000 won. “We are comforting ourselves that we have the shortest representative song in the world”, making the scene a sea of laughter.

MBN ‘It’s me’ is broadcast every Friday at 9:50 pm.
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