‘Lie After Lie’ Lee Yu-ri appeared in ‘News A’ahead of the end Anchor Jo Soo-bin recruits

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Yu-ri appears on the news ahead of the final episode of the drama ‘Lie After Lie’.

Channel A Friday and Saturday drama ‘Lie After Lie’ is scheduled to be broadcast in the final episode on the 24th.

This interview is said to have been conducted by an anchor Jo Soo-bin, who is known as a lover of  ‘Lie After Lie’ in person. Lee Yu-ri’s acting perspective, as well as her own philosophy that she kept until he became a star, and various stories such as the behind-the-scenes story of the drama will be released to draw attention of the drama fans waiting for the final episode.

In ‘Lie After Lie’, Lee Yu-ri’s acting transformation, who has established herself as a ‘trust and see actor’ by accumulating various filmography after his debut, stands out.

In particular, Lee Yu-ri, who created an intense character as a national villain, said, “I wanted to play a heartbreaking story. Usually, I never cried that much when I was practicing the script for a drama. After reading the script, I chose this work because I wanted to say ‘There must be some people like this’.”

“I think the audience’s reasoning ability is great. When you see the ending, you will feel that it is a drama that is fun to watch until the end.” In the final episode of ‘Lie After Lie’ aired on the 24th, Ji Eun-soo (played by Lee Yu-ri), who was driven as a murderer after her mother-in-law Kim Ho-ran (played by Lee Il-hwa), stole her own daughter and was unsure whether it would be possible to achieve love with Kang Ji-min (played by Yeon Jeong-hoon) and take off the frame. Interest is drawing.

A special interview between Lee Yu-ri and Jo Soo-bin Cho can be seen at ‘News A’at 7 pm on the 24th.


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