‘Lottery Singer’ Korea’s ‘Farinelli’ Kang Hyung-ho, ecstatic transliteration… Taehoon Kim “Dark Horse”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hyung-ho Kang of Korea’s ‘Farinelli’ presents a stage that warmly touches the hearts of viewers.

In the 4th episode of MBN’s entertainment program ‘Life Reversal Music Game Show-Lottery Singer’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Lottery Singer’), which airs on the 24th, Kang Hyung-ho shakes the prediction team and the audience judges on a stage that makes full use of his strengths.

The scene is amazed by the boldness of Kang Hyung-ho, who selected Jung Hoon-hee’s ‘In the Flower Garden’. Since it was a song that Jo Kwan-woo remake and sang to make use of the countertenor feel with false voices, I was very excited about Hyung-ho Kang’s selection. What surprised me even more was that there were no props on the stage. Lim Jung-hee, who saw Kang Hyung-ho on the stage with only one voice, expressed his anticipation, saying, “If there is nothing like that, the song is really good.”

When the stage begins, Kang Hyung-ho’s clear tone will spontaneously bring both hands together and focus only on the song. Verse 1 draws the soft male voice in the male range and the countertenor sound in the female range, but when it starts to produce high notes that are difficult for women to produce, admiration is poured all over the studio.

However, this is not the end, but in the female vocal range, the countertenor singing method is discarded and the sound is printed with a true voice. The sound is also clear and clear. I remember,” he praised. In addition, Park So-hyun, who first encountered Kang Hyung-ho’s live performance, is infinitely moved by saying, “He took over the height and captured the emotions.”

In addition, his past working as a chemical researcher hidden behind his clear voice and his rock band career are revealed, and he instantly appeals to a different charm by showing a shouting reminiscent of Kim Kyung-ho. Kang Hyung-ho, who captivated everyone with such a wide spectrum of voices, grabs attention by making unexpected choices between re-challenge and score storage. His curiosity toward the main broadcast that he said he is lamenting over his reversal choices increases.

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