‘My Little Old Boy’ Nam Jin, filming the first MV of his life…Hong Jin-young, Seol Woon-do, Jin Sung all over

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘My Little Old Boy’ Hong Jin-young shows off the trot godfather Nam Jin, Seol Woon-do, Jin Sung and a fantasy chemistry that transcends generations.

In the recent recording of the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’, the appearance of Hong Jin-young, who appeared as a cameo in Nam Jin’s first music video after his debut, was drawn. Not only Hong Jin-young, but also Seol Woon-do and Jin Sung all dispatched to this, making the heart of the late Vengers, ‘girl fan’, excited.

In particular, Hong Jin-young did not spare a limited express support (?) for Trot’s seniors. As a result, Nam Jin, Seol Woon-do and Jin Sung turned to Hong Jin-young, “Perfect!” Storm praise continued, saying, “I have charisma”.

But for a while, the warmth happened, the trotsines were sweating. It turned out that Hong Jin-young prepared the ‘Choreography Challenge’ to promote Nam Jin’s new song. As a result, the Trot legends were struggling, saying, “I can’t understand what you’re talking about,” but they soon opened up a cute (?) dance and turned the studio into a sea of laughter. Finally, it is said that the recording site was destroyed by performing a trance dance with a tragic expression.

In addition, Nam Jin is said to have surprised everyone by releasing a scale meal table (?) prepared by fans as ‘the original of his brother’s unit.’

Hong Jin-young and Nam Jin’s ‘National Treasure King Trotga’ meet in full bloom at 9:05 pm on the 25th.


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