‘My Love in Memories’ sung by Lee Seung-gi, ‘Hot interest’ in copyright sharing

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Seung-gi, who is active as an actor and singer, is attracting new attention as an all-around entertainer. In the JTBC new entertainment program ‘Sing Again-Unknown Singer’, which will be broadcast in November, he will also be active as an MC. In this regard, songs sung by Lee Seung-gi, which show songs when singing, acting when acting, and even a sense of entertainment are also hot topics.

That song is the song ‘My Love in Memories’ released in 2008. This is the reason why many fans still cannot forget the appearance of Lee Seung-gi, who sings ‘My Love in Memories’, full of emotions who miss loved ones with Lee Seung-gi’s somewhat childish appearance.

‘My Love in Memories’ is a song written and composed by Yoon Sang and released in 1988 by the late Hwang Chi-Hoon. Currently, copyrights are shared with the public through the copyright sharing platform Music Cow, which is attracting attention again. The shared copyright also includes shares in secondary works such as original songs and remakes.

In addition, Lee Seung-gi sang OST songs such as ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, ‘Brilliant Legacy’, and ‘Gu Family Book’, starring Korean top actresses Shin Min-ah, Han Hyo-joo, and Bae Suzy and hit the drama’s ratings as well as the OST. Major OSTs such as ‘I guess I was out of my mind’, ‘The Age of Entertainment’, and ‘The Last Word’ have also received high attention through copyright sharing through Music Cow.

In response, users left comments such as ‘I will listen songs of Lee Seung-gi, the prince of Ballad’, ‘I can take out and listen to the song again by sharing the copyright’, and ‘The memory is a bonus to receive the copyright fee for the song I like’.


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