‘Show Me the Money 9’ 2nd qualifier, 122 → 40 people survived… Bloody competition

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Mnet ‘Show Me the Money 9′ has released a trailer ahead of its second broadcast.

The preview released on the 23rd included the appearance of the 2nd qualifying round in earnest. 82 out of 122 survivors in the first qualifying round are immediately eliminated, and in this second qualifying round, they must survive the 60-second lap evaluation in order to be cast by the producer.

The ’60 Second Team Rapper Selection’, which performs 60 seconds lap and team matching at once, is one of the differences in ‘Show Me the Money 9′ from the previous season. In a situation where the participants and producers changed their positions, the producers continued to praise and appeal to the storm in order to receive the choice of a favorite survivor. Indeed, the curiosity of which participant would have survived the ’60 second team rapper selection’ and which survivors and producers will become one team is increasing.

Ahead of the broadcast, the production crew said, “In the second qualifying round that is finally starting, the fireball, the symbol of ‘Show Me the Money’ will continue, but we hope that you will pay attention to what kind of fun it will give by adding a different composition from the previous season.” While new faces appeared, some participants received expectations but were shockedly eliminated, so please look forward to the results.”


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