‘Startup’ Bae Suzy x Nam Joo-hyuk x Kang Hanna, who will move into the dream space?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The fierce competition of the youth who jumped into entrepreneurship in ‘Startup’ begins.

tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Startup’, broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm (screenplay Park Hye-ryeon, director Oh Choong-hwan, planning studio dragon, production high story) is the start of young people dreaming of success in Korea’s Silicon Valley (START) and growth (UP).

In this week’s broadcast, a contract employee Suh Dal-mi (played by Bae Suzy) who dreams of a reversal and Nam Do-san (played by Nam Joo-hyuk), founder of Samsan tech, who are on the verge of embarrassment of the family, unintentionally issued a tickle romance warning between their first love. The first steps of the two towards a startup are drawn.

In the released photos, Yun Sun-hak(played by Seo Yi-sook), founder of Sandbox, an accelerating center that helps growth by investing, training, and networking in early startups, is on the stage. Below the stage, a departure slip is posted to move in here. Lots of thrown abilities are lined up. Compared to them, there is a sense of tension whether Seo Dal-mi, Nam Do-san, Lee Chul-san (played by Yoo Su-bin), and Kim Yong-san (played by Kim Do-wan), who are still newcomers, can survive.

In addition, Won In-jae(played by Kang Han-na), who stopped contacting with her younger sister, Seo Dal-mi and followed her mother who remarried with the conglomerate, is also here, raising questions. She has already lived a successful life as the CEO of Nature Morning with her stepfather’s funds, connections, and fierce efforts that others do not know, and I wonder why she abandoned all these titles and challenged a new startup.

In addition, when a special mission to cover the final tenants is given, each person is caught holding their own mobile phone and running around, drawing attention even more.

Among them, Seo Dal-mi, who tied her hair tightly and focused on the screen, and Nam Do-san, who counts something with their fingers while tense tightly, are both struggling to make viewers anxious whether they have found a breakthrough that will go towards their dreams.

The production crew of ‘Startup’ said, “In this week’s broadcast, the story of startups begins in earnest. Please pay attention to the stories of Seo Dal-mi, Nam Do-san, and Won In-jae, who will meet as business partners or competitors,” he said. “As the challenge of the youth toward their dreams begins, it would be nice to support them and watch them together.”

You can find out who survived the mission from Seo Yi-sook’s mission, Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, and Kang Han-na, in the tvN Saturday drama ‘Startup’, which will be aired at 9 pm this Saturday and Sunday.


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