‘Where is My Home’ Pak Se-ri, “Happy to live a house in the yard with my nephew”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Pak Se-r, appears in ‘Where is My Home’.

MBC entertainment program ‘Where is My Home’ broadcasted at 10:45 pm on the 25th! In ‘Where is My Home’ (director Lim Kyung-sik Lee Min-hee), coaches Park Se-ri and Noh Hong-cheol, who were former golf players, set out to find a sale.

On this day, a Frenchman looking for a house with a yard in Daejeon appears as a client. The client, who is currently working as a lecturer at a French language academy in Daejeon, said that she came to Korea nine years ago and met her Korean husband to have a family. The client said she had to move due to the expiration of the contract term for the villa she currently lives in. He said he was looking for a house with a yard that both his and his cat could enjoy. The area is within 45 minutes by car from Seo-gu and Yuseong-gu of Daejeon, where the couple’s workplaces are located, and Gyeryong-si and Geumsan-gun are also okay. The budget stated that it hoped for a sale price of 400 million won, and that if you like the house, it is possible up to 500 million won.

Before finding a room, Park Se-ri, the golf empress, who appeared in the coordination of the Deok team, gathered attention by revealing that she participated in the design of the house in Daejeon. She designed the house by herself through her long foreign life as a motif, and she said that she had envy everyone by saying that he had only three verandas. Also, because she didn’t like the lack of storage space, she overprinted the entire room as a cabinet, but because she made too much space, it is said that there is too much empty space now, which makes me laugh.

Pak Se-ri, who revealed that she had lived in an apartment with her nephew in the past, was a habit of saying to her nephew at the time, “Be quiet! You can’t run!” Park Na-rae surprised everyone by saying, “The house is not a yard, but a park level,” to Park Se-ri, who said she was so happy living in a house with a yard with her nephew.

Park Se-ri, who sorted out with Noh Hong-cheol, said she couldn’t hide her desire to compete and her instinct to run. First, Park Se-ri said that as soon as the front door of the property was opened, she ran silently into the living room and embarrassed Noh Hong-cheol. In response, Park Se-ri confessed, “I always had a habit of walking ahead of time…” and made the site a sea of laughter. The two then found a basketball hoop for children and played improvised games for fun, but only Park Se-ri showed real desire to compete, revealing her temperament.

On the other hand, in the return team, actors Kim Hye-eun and Yang Se-hyung, who have become official coordinations from intern coordination, will appear. It is said that it will be showing a sale featuring not only custom country houses for French mothers but also previous-class options, raising expectations.

The search for a detached house in Daejeon for a French mother is on the 25th at 10:45 pm MBC ‘Where is My Home’.


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