Yoo Ah-in’s ‘Voice of Silence’, a red light even on a low budget [MK Movie]

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[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Red light was turned on at the box office of ‘Voice of Silence’, which attracted attention with Yoo Ah-in’s unconventional transformation.

The break-even point of ‘Voice of Silence’, known as a low-budget movie made with a production cost of 1.3 billion won, is about 700,000 people. It was released on the 15th and reached the lead until the weekend of the week, exceeding 200,000 audiences, but after the release of the movie, actual audience reviews were remarkably mixed, and the results did not achieve as expected. The box office ranking was pushed back to fourth place as of today (23rd).

Although the number of theater audiences has decreased due to the prolonged Coronavirus, the break-even point, which was optimistically predicted by the effect of Yoo Ah-in, is not easy at this time, as the likes and dislikes for the movie itself are sharply divided. Although rave reviews for the actors’ acting skills were poured out, there was a lot of regret about the work itself, and he was struggling.

At the same time as the release of Girl Crush’s new work ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS (Director Lee Jongpil)’, the situation became worse as it took first place in the box office. ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ is 8 years since joining the company in 1995, and although the work ability is veteran, three friends who always listen to the company’s TOEIC class together work together to dig up the irregularities committed by the company.

Another new image, ‘Mr. Trot: The Movie’, also rose to second place on the first day of its release as a dark horse. This movie, which has recorded a high reservation rate before its release, is a concert movie that captures the live performance of the Seoul performance of Mr. Trot’s Public Appreciation Concert for tomorrow, which wrote down the sold-out myth last summer.

The winner of the Chuseok War, ‘PAWN’ (director Kang Dae-gyu) also entered a long-term box office. He pulled down ‘Voice of Silence’ and succeeded in driving backwards to third place, surpassing 1.5 million viewers, showing a slow but strong spirit. The breakeven point of the film is 1.7 million, but there is still a way to go, but the achievements so far are worth applauding.

As new films continue to struggle with the prolonged famine in the film industry, the likes and dislikes and word of mouth of the audience are exerting more power than ever. The star strategy alone cannot guarantee a box office, and a number of prospective stocks are about to be released before the end of the year, and expectations are growing as to who will be the winner of the ‘PAWN’.


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