‘ATEEZ FEVER ROAD’ A killing mission rather than a healing trip? Overwhelming view of the world attract viewers’ attention

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group ATEEZ presents a different level of reality.

In front of ‘ATEEZ’ dreaming of a ‘healing trip’ in Kakao TV’s original ‘ATEEZ FEVER ROAD’, which will be unveiled for the first time at 12:00 noon on the 26th, ‘Killing’ missions beyond imagination unfold and have fun. I plan to deliver.

‘ATEEZ Fever Road’ is a new concept adventure reality that contains the world view of their charm, chemistry, and a solid story, along with the process of the global ATEEZ members solving various missions. The first episode, which will be released on the 26th, is expected to be unveiled for the first time, along with various events unfolding to ATEEZ who have gone on a trip, as well as an expanded worldview story.

ATEEZ members gets a sweet holiday from their busy activities and heads to their destination by talking about each individual’s desired healing trip, such as leisure sports and camping, but it is a secret building that is huge and magnificent like a palace. When they arrive, an unknown drum ring is ringing, and the members are going to catch their attention by making an incident to open the door in front of the entrance of the building that cannot be opened. As if making fun of the members, the key to the door was completely unimaginable. The production crew is curious about where the members will find the key. Moreover, before even taking a sigh from the inside at the end of the twists and turns, ATEEZ plans to face another secret and add interest.

For a while, worry and sigh poured into the fact that all of the unpredictable missions that started every time the drums sounded, and for a while, ATEEZ quickly entered the board game and jokgu, enjoying the peace of mind and making a laugh. It is the back door. In the midst of a trip where the eight members do not know whether it is healing or killing, they will work together to solve the mission passionately, while the daily routines full of playfulness are added and various fun to the fans.

In addition, ‘ATEEZ Fever Road’ revealed that each time, through prologue and epilogue, each member’s new worldview story was revealed, and fans’ interest is pouring. With each member’s intense visuals and a high-quality visual beauty that is instantly immersed in the world view, it is a plan to captivate fans by offering an unrivaled sense of immersion that is different from the exciting mission execution process. On the 26th, the story of leader ‘Hong-joong’ is scheduled to unfold, and in the public image, a scene looking at himself in a broken mirror is captured, stimulating his curiosity about his new story. In ‘Diary Film’ of ‘ZERO: FEVER Part1.’, ATEEZ’s worldview content released last July, the story of Hong-joong who was wondering whether to find his lost dreams, friends, and family again is how in this ‘ATEEZ Fever Road’ I am looking forward to seeing it continue.

‘ATEEZ Fever Road’ will be released on Kakao TV at 12 noon every Monday and Thursday for 4 weeks starting from the 26th, with a total of 8 episodes for about 15 minutes each.


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