Lee Geun, despite the controversy, he said, “You will hate me more.”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Captain Lee Geun (36), who received a lot of attention through the YouTube channel ‘Fake Man’, is showing an attitude that does not care about the controversy.

Lee Geun shared a post on his Instagram on the 26th, “Three reasons people hate you. They hate themselves. They want to be you. They look threatening you.” You will hate me more. Have fun.”

In the posted photo, Lee Geun’s back was captured. He claims that all kinds of suspicions and controversies surrounding him are caused by jealousy or fear toward themselves, and show an unshakable attitude.

On the 24th, Lee Geun posted a photo of spending time with women wearing Halloween makeup with an article saying, “What’s so serious? Halloween is coming.”

Earlier, Lee Geun stood at the center of controversy with debt controversy, false career suspicion, sexual harassment punishment, and assault history. In a video released on the 23rd, the YouTube channel Garo-Sero Research Institute (Ga Se-yeon) said, “Former Captain Lee Geun went to the Navy Room (U.S. Navy Special Forces) for a state-funded training. The period is increasing, but Lee Geun was discharged after a year.”

Subsequently, Ga Se-yeon released data that refuted Lee Geun’s interview that he paid the training expenses to the navy instead of being discharged without completing his mandatory service period.

In the Navy’s reply released by Ga Se-yeon, “The lawsuit filed against the target person (Captain Lee) by the Navy is not a lawsuit for damages, but a lawsuit to recover the expenses paid for training expenses for training in the US Navy Room. The due date of the debt repay is October 27, 2026 and is in ongoing recovery activities.”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Geun Lee, a former Navy Special Warfare Force (UDT/SEAL) who works as a military consultant and YouTuber, worked as a training instructor in ‘Fake Man’ and used buzzwords such as ‘Do you have personality problems?’ and ‘○○ is individualism’. It was born and became famous. Thanks to his popularity, Lee Geun was active in advertising and broadcasting, but due to continued controversy, he augurs ill.


Photo| Lee Geun SNS

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