Lee Gyeong-sil returns to broadcast in earnest… YouTube challenge as ‘Hogeol sister’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Original charismatic sister’ Lee Gyeong-sil challenges YouTube.

Lee Gyeong-sil, a female comedian even Lee Gyeong-gyu, a leading comedian, and Kim Gu-ra expressed scary, are communicating with subscribers with the title ‘Hogeol’s sister_Lee Gyeong-sil’, which is the perfect title for Lee Gyeong-sil.

In July of last year, Lee Gyeong-sil, who had been working for 7 years, terminated the contract with KENM, the agency that had been with it for 7 years, and resumed broadcasting activities in earnest through the YouTube channel ‘Hogeol Sister_Lee Gyeong-sil’ in cooperation with Berry Media Co., Ltd.

In the first recording on the 6th, Lee Gyeong-sil looked back on his 33-year broadcast life, starting with an interview with citizens asking about his current situation and reviewing NamuWiki records.

The story of having to be tough to college senior Lee Gyeong-gyu in entertainment, the reason why my hometown junior Park Myung-soo was particularly afraid of Lee Gyeong-sil, the chin hareubang trend that she first caught Kim Gura’s jaw during ‘Radio Star’ broadcast, helping juniors in difficult circumstances, From the strange awards to the controversy over the military base, she confessed stories that could not be said on the air.

In addition, she personally told the story of how she got the courage to stand up again after climbing the Himalayan Kalapartr during a difficult time.

Seonwoo Yong-nyeo, who attended the celebration on this day, praised Lee Gyeong-sil, who was loyal and warm, saying, “This is a rare person in the world these days.” In addition, Son Heon-soo, who came out as the representative of the junior comedian, emphasized that it is the eternal line of Lee Gyeong-sil, saying, “I respected Lee Gyeong-sil, who has taken care of juniors since he was a rookie.”

In particular, as a wish for Lee Gyeong-sil, actors Sunwoo Yong-nyeo and comedian Son Heon-soo expressed their thoughts, “I wish I could properly capture the true appearance of the compassionate, honest and loyal Lee Gyeong-sil hidden in the strong image.”

The missions Lee Gyeong-sil will challenge in the future through ‘Hogeol Sister’ are various such as reviewing the latest games, learning skateboarding, military experience, and inside makeup. In particular, he introduces a new ‘Work Talk’, where he visits a YouTuber himself, learns about YouTube, and meets people living in the same era to share joys and sorrows together.

‘Walk Talk’ is a chat with Sunwoo Yong-nyeo while walking along Han River, and it is said that Lee Gyeong-sil also came up with an idea.

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