‘Record of Youth’ ending D-2, the fate of the shaking lovers Park Bo-gum x Park So-dam?

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Can Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam keep love?

On the 26th, the TVN Mon-Tue drama ‘Record of Youth’ (played by Ha Myung-hee, directed by Ahn Gil-ho), which left only two episodes until the end, raised curiosity by revealing the appearances of Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) and Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) in crisis of separation.

Sa Hye-jun, who achieved the dream of an actor, became a star loved by all, but the lonely reality also followed. Envying malicious comments and speculative articles poured out, and days when it was difficult to keep precious things increased. Although Sa Hye-jun, who has endured firmly despite the ongoing crisis, his lover Ahn Jung-ha’s farewell notice shook him strongly. Sa Hye-jun is focused on whether he will be able to keep the true ‘actor’ path he dreamed of and love according to his beliefs.

In the meantime, in the photo released, Sa Hye-jun was caught having a serious conversation with manager Lee Min-jae (played by Shin Dong-mi). Unlike usual, the cold atmosphere between the two raises a sense of crisis. Lee Min-jae suggested that Charlie Jung (Lee Seung-joon)’s text message be released to the endless rumors, but Sa Hye-jun said to hold on with the belief that ‘the truth will be revealed over time.’ I also wanted to protect the honor of Charlie Justice. As Lee Min-jae, who respects and cherishes Sa Hye-jun’s beliefs more than anyone else, his grief and despair are conveyed intact in his eyes. Sa Hye-jun and Lee Min-jae began to create a conflict with different coping methods. The actions of former agency representative Lee Tae-soo (Lee Chang-hoon) who are aiming for Sa Hye-jun are also added, and the relationship between the two is in jeopardy. Lee Min-jae’s words, “I had an accident,” in the previously released trailer amplify the curiosity. Sa Hye-jun and Lee Min-jae from ‘Champons’ are attracted to whether they can overcome the crisis and be together until the end.

It is also interesting to see Ahn Jung-ha facing reporter Kim Soo-man (played by Bae Yoon-gyeong) who opened a devoted article. Kim Soo-man’s eyes shimmering sharply that he will not hold on to the conclusive evidence. The appearance of Ahn Jung-ha dealing with him is also difficult. Ahn Jung-ha hides her feelings with a poker face. His unshakable appearance even when he speaks of himself adds to curiosity. After meeting with reporter Kim Soo-man, who came to him in the last broadcast, he said goodbye to Sa Hye-jun. A tight fight stimulates curiosity about what really happened in the meeting between the two.

The 15th episode, broadcast on the 26th, depicts the powerful leaps of the three youths facing the crisis. The production crew of ‘Record of Youth’ said, “Sa Hye-jun’s firm determination and choice to protect the important things will bring a sense of feeling.

Meanwhile, the 15th episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Record of Youth’ will be aired at 9 pm on Monday the 26th.


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