The word of love delivered by BTS V, “I purple you”, bloomed as a dessert

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘I purple you’, which contains the fan love of BTS, V, bloomed as a purple cake far away in Australia. It proves V’s borderless influence and popularity.

Australia’s famous dessert shop ‘KOI dessert bar’ recently unveiled a new dessert on its official Instagram. Reynold Poenomo and his brother’s pastry chef, the famous culinary survival program, ‘Master Chef’, has made this place even more famous for their sensational desserts.

The dessert, unveiled under the name “I purple you”, is a beautiful purple dessert that boasts a visual like a work of art. According to the introduction of Koi Dessert Bar, it is a French Earl Gray sponge cake made with cassis, citron, and plums. Dessert with a scent as much as purple.

In addition, he explains the meaning of ‘I purple you’ by explaining the meaning of “‘I purple you’ is a word made by V, a member of the popular group BTS, to be with you for a long time, to love, and to trust.”

‘I purple you’ is used by millions of fans, and UNICEF also introduced that ‘I purple you’ was used in a global campaign to eradicate violence.

Purple has gradually become a representative color that cannot be separated from BTS since V presented the word ‘Look!’ to fans for the first time at a fan meeting in 2016. Also, ‘I purple you’ has become an expression of love that is common among armies around the world.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts fans say, “V’s word has spread so far because of the sincerity contained in V’s ‘Look!'” V is famous for visiting fans and spending time with them whenever he has a break in his usual busy schedule, and sometimes as reassuring as an older brother, and sometimes as friendly as a friend, touching the fans.
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