Yang Soo-kyung “The best show in her life for 7 months of ‘Unbelievable'” (2 o’clock Manse)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Yang Soo-kyung showed her affection for SBS ‘Flaming Youth’.

Yang Soo-kyung appeared as a guest in the self-luminous invitational corner of MBC Standard FM ‘Park Joon-hyung, Jung Kyung-mi’s 2 o’clock MANSE,’ broadcast on the 26th.

On this day, Yang Soo-kyung confessed that she had passed the appearance of ‘Flaming Youth’ for 7 months, and said, “If I think about it now, I think it’s the best show in my life. It seems like I’m in love with people. It’s really good to build up my affection.”

In addition, Yang Soo-kyung said, “I am not good at cooking, I like to make and share. I did not have a stage to sing with Corona, so I tried to do what I am interested in.”

Meanwhile, Yang Soo-kyung, who debuted in 1988 and celebrated its 32nd anniversary this year, released a digital single ‘I Love You’ and made a comeback after 17 years. He is currently running the YouTube channel ‘Let’s have a meal with Yang Soo-kyung’.


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