‘Firebird 2020’ Lee Jae-woo kisses Hong Soo-ah… “Will you fall in love with me if I flirt?”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Firebird 2020’ Hong Soo-ah and Lee Jae-woo confirmed each other’s hearts.

In the SBS morning drama ‘Firebird 2020’ (played by Lee Yoo-jin, director Lee Hyun-jik), which aired on the 27th, Lee Ji-eun (played by Hong Soo-ah) kissed Jang Se-hoon (played by Lee Jae-woo) in surprise, and Jang Se-hoon pushed Lee Ji-eun, saying, “You are rude.”

Lee Ji-eun said, “The character is unstoppable. “I like it,” he said, and put Jang Se-hoon’s laptop in his bag and made an opportunity to meet again. After discovering that the laptop had disappeared, Jang Se-hoon confirmed through CCTV that Lee Ji-eun brought the laptop and contacted him.

Lee Ji-eun, who met with Jang Se-hoon, confessed her honest heart, saying, “I tried to meet again as an excuse for my laptop.” Jang Se-hoon tried to push down the meeting between the conglomerate and the worker as it was an extreme extreme, but eventually passed over to Lee Ji-eun, who said, “I changed my clothes 12 times to make it look good to you today.”

Jang Se-hoon said to Lee Ji-eun, “Will you come over if I flirt? I will be dizzy a lot because of you in my life in the future.”


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