Go Ah-sung, eyes closed with a flower…’full of neat beauty’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Go Ah-sung exudes a neat charm.

On the 27th, Go Ah-sung posted a photo on her Instagram with a post saying, “Please look forward to the November issue of Singles.”

In the published photo, Go Ah-sung is holding a large flower with one hand and a broad leaf with one hand as if covering his face. Go Ah-sung, who covers one face with flowers and gently closes her eyes, looks beautiful like a sleeping princess in the forest. Go Ah-sung, who digests a brown knitted dress with the autumn atmosphere intact, shows not only her neat charm but also her alluring beauty.

Meanwhile, Go Ah-sung took on the role of Lee Ja-young in the movie ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ (director Lee Jong-pil), which was released on the 21st. ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ is a movie about the friendship, solidarity, and growth of female employees at the end of their lives against the corruption of large corporations, and ran at the top of the box office on the first weekend of its release.


Photo| Goaseong SNS

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