‘Hidden Singer 6’ Lee Sora “I feel like I’ll be filled only once I come out”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Hidden Singer 6’, the last original singer of the season, Lee So-ra, is in a sortie, playing a heartwarming song confrontation with those who have been waiting for eight years. Lee So-ra said, “It’s amazing that I came here myself.”

The trailer for JTBC ‘Hidden Singer 6’, which will be aired on the 30th, begins with the appearance of MC Jeon Hyun-moo sitting in an atmosphere in front of the grand piano. Jeon Hyun-moo introduced Lee So-ra, saying, “We’ve been waiting for this person for 8 years. Now you have answered,” and the original singer So-ra Lee appeared with applause.

As if reminiscent of ‘Lee So-ra’s Proposal’, Lee So-ra sat in a chair on the stage, saying, “It’s a little surprising that I came out here.” Hit. When asked about the opportunity for Jeon Hyun-moo to appear, Lee So-ra also said, “Do you feel like it will be filled once you come out?” and said, “Do you have confidence?”

However, Lee So-ra’s question was overwhelming, and the syncro rate of the voice imitation talents was enormous, and the screaming “Sister, I’m ruined” continued in the judgment stage. Lee So-ra in the barrel also couldn’t continue saying, “I don’t know…” And on the screen that followed, Lee Hye-jeong, singer Lin, and Moon Se-yoon, who appeared as the judges on this day, wiped their tears, making them curious about the story that moved them.

In addition, the famous song medley of Lee Soo-hyun, LYn, and Hopi Paula, which is dedicated to the ‘Singing Poet’ Lee So-ra, was announced. Lee Sora, whose eyes became moist, said, “I don’t think I have received this kind of hospitality. She said, “Thank you” saying, “It’s so good today”, and announced the last episode of ‘Hidden Singer 6’, which will come with comfort and emotion.

JTBC ‘Hidden Singer 6’, which will unfold the famous song of Sora Lee, the last original singer of Season 6, will be broadcast on Friday the 30th at 9pm.

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