‘How have you been, Allzzang?’ Hong Young-ki x Moon Ya-el “Celebrities have flirted to me”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Hong Young-ki and Moon Ya-el have revealed that they have been flirted by a celebrity.

In ‘How have you been Allzzang?’ aired on the 27th, the truth game of Hong Young-ki and Moon Ya-el will be revealed. On this day, Kang Hyuk-min visited the Gangnam office that Hong Young-gi and Moon Ya-el prepared for a new project and had a time to celebrate.

The office, which Moon Yael’s own interior was decorated in white, created a sophisticated atmosphere with the addition of a specially made extra-large mirror and cool interior lighting. Hong Young-ki said that he is preparing a new business with Han Ah-reum-song-yi and Yoon A-ra, who appeared in the Allzzang Age together. Kang Hyeok-min, who suggested to have a test to wish for success, gave a pig-shaped cake as a gift.

In addition, while talking about the past love history of Allzzang Park Jae-hyun and Jung Hyun-ju, who were hot topics in the last broadcast, Hong Young-ki also said, “I received a confession from three or four Allzzangs including Kang Hyeok-min during the filming of the Allzzang Age.” In response, Kang Hyuk-min asked, “Have you ever gotten a dash from an celebrity?” and surprised everyone by saying, “I got a dash from an idol and an actor.”

Following Hong Young-ki, “I know that a celebrity has flirted Ya-el.” Moon Ya-el admitted that it was not when she appeared in the Allzzang Age, “I got a dash from an actor after becoming an adult.”

Then, Hong Young-ki and Kang Hyeok-min asked if they were “Is he an actor?”, and Moon Ya-el’s answer, “A person who has turned from an idol to an actor”, entered the fact check and laughed.

‘How have you been Allzzang?’ can be found on the YouTube channel ‘Allzzang TV’ at 6 pm on the 27th.


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