Seo Dong-ju, confesses the feelings of divorce of her parents

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Seo Dong-ju, a lawyer and broadcaster, confesses to her parents’ divorce.

Attorney and broadcaster Seo Dong-ju will appear as a guest on EBS1’s ‘Life Story’, broadcast on the 29th.

On this day, the children of divorced families who have experienced a divorce of their parents are scheduled to appear and honestly tell their stories. It is said that Seo Dong-ju, who was listening to this, also sincerely sympathized with the stories of the casers and blew her eyes.

In addition, Seo Dong-ju, daughter of comedian Seo Se-won and broadcaster Seo Jeong-hee, also confessed about her family history. In particular, after the divorce of her parents, it was revealed that she went back and forth between the United States and Korea to see the late Seo Jeong-hee every weekend, raising questions about the reason. In addition, she was the closest  family member with Seo Se-won, but it was regrettable that she did not have much conversation during the divorce of her parents.

Subsequently, he confessed with surprise that he was a child of a divorced family and was a senior (?) for divorce than his mother Seo Jeong-hee, and that he did not spare any advice to his mother who is struggling after divorce. It will be revealed on the broadcast what the comfort method of Seo Dong-ju was indeed ‘Seo Jeong-hee’s daughter’.

A healing talk show with star lecturer Kim Mi-gyeong, who comforts the audience with a friendly talk like an elder sister in the neighborhood, and Lee Jae-yong, an announcer with warm empathy, EBS1 ‘Life Story’ is a gathering of people with various stories to share their tumultuous life. It delivers a message of warm consolation and hope to people.

Meanwhile, the story of Seo Dong-ju, who is active as a lawyer in the United States and is active in various fields while broadcasting in Korea, can be confirmed through EBS ‘Life Story’, broadcast at 9:50 pm on Thursday the 29th.

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