‘Seobok’ Gong Yoo “I have argument with 10-year-old Park Bo-gum… Warm and little fun”

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Gong Yoo showed satisfaction with the breathing with Park Bo-gum.

On the 27th, an online production report for the movie ‘Seobok’ (director Lee Yong-ju) was held through live broadcast on YouTube. Director Lee Yong-ju, actor Gong Yoo, Jo Woo-jin, and Jang Young-nam attended this event.

Park Bo-gum enlisted in the Navy on August 31st. MC Park Kyung-rim released a video saying, “There will be many people who regret that Park Bo-gum, who played Seobok, could not be with him.”

Through the video, Park Bo-gum said, “I was able to greet you with ‘Seobok’. It would be great if I could attend to the event.” “I was happy to be with you, senior Jo Woo-jin, senior Jang Young-nam, who was happy to be able to act by looking at the eyes, and Park Byung-eun, who was happy to be able to act with your eyes, and even Kim Jae-gun with the bitter eyes that hurt Seobok.”

He added, “I worked hard to contain fun and meaning. We ask for your interest.”

Gong Yoo explained about Seobok, “The movie award is set to be 10 years old, but the external appearance is the full age to go to the military. The appearance of struggling with Seobok, and situations where I am in trouble because of Seobok, The natural reaction that comes out of it can be a little fun. It is warm to see the two men playing together. These are scenes where you can take a break.”

‘Seobok’ shows a story of an agent Ki-heon(Gong Yoo), who is serving his last mission in his life to transfer mankind’s first cloned human, Seobok (Park Bo-gum), in secret. Draw a story that becomes. Released in December.


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