‘Seoul House’, A house with private sauna that surprised Lee Soo-geun

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Soo-geun asked to stop filming because of the sauna facility.

On the 28th (Wed) broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Seoul House’, the romance house of ‘Yeosu, Jeollanam-do’, where Lee Soo-geun and singer Gangnam left their home tour will be introduced. Following last week’s ‘365-day view of the sea’ and ‘Movie Theater’ and ‘Karaoke’, where the wife’s romance was realized, the highlight of Yeosu’s ‘My Home’ and ‘sauna room with an ocean view’, which is difficult to realize in Seoul, will be released.

The Sauna Room completely captivated Lee Soo-geun. The Sauna Room was renovated to create a large cold and hot bath comparable to that of a public bath, and was equipped with an authentic Finnish sauna with a view of the sea. Lee Soo-geun, who likes saunas, revealed to the production crew that she would change her clothes and asked to stop shooting, adding a smile. It is said that the production crew uncovered Lee Soo-geun, who took off their tops and enjoyed the sauna in earnest after filming, and was quite embarrassed.

Meanwhile, the husband and wife of my house in Yeosu prepared dinner with seafood caught by Lee Soo-geun and Gangnam directly off the coast of my house in Yeosu. Lee Soo-geun and Gangnam couldn’t shut their mouths in front of the Yeosu dining table, which was prepared from sukhoe to octopus and steamed crab in season.

The dream life that Lee Su-geun truly envied throughout the filming, where you can wake up in the morning, fish in the sea, enjoy a sauna at home, and cook with fresh seafood caught, can be satisfied by proxy through Dream House in Yeosu Fishing Village. .

The 3rd episode of JTBC’s Seoul house’ will be aired at 11 pm on the 28th (Wed).

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