Um Ki-jun, Shin Seong-rok, Ok Joo-hyun, and Lin-ah released the cast video of the musical ‘Monte Christo’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The cast video of the 10th anniversary performance of the musical ‘Monte Christo’ was released.

The musical ‘Monte Christo’ released the entire cast video of the monumental 10th anniversary performance through EMK Musical Company’s official SNS and YouTube.

The cast video released with the magnificent melody of ‘Prologue’, which announces the start of the splendid voyage of the musical ‘Monte Christo’, will begin on the 17th, which includes 22 actors who are completely immersed in the role in the play and exude charisma. Add anticipation for the performance.

The cast video of the musical ‘Monte Christo’ was divided into two videos to capture the nine roles played by 22 actors on the glorious stage of the 10th anniversary performance.

The cast video of the musical ‘Monte Christo’, which begins with the back of Edmond Dantes in the play gazing at the vast sea after jailbreak, was shot against the backdrop of a mansion reminiscent of the splendid castle of Count Montecristo, the stage of revenge. I put the scale. The appearances of Um Joon, Kai, and Shin Seong-rok in the roles of ‘Earl Edmond Dantes/Monte Christo’ entering through a massive wooden door that is sturdy, portrays the innocence and charisma of the characters in the play, predicting the splendid return of ‘Monte Christo’.

In particular, the look of Shin Seong-rok, a mixture of trampled innocence and despair, expresses the image of ‘Edmond Dantes’, who fell to the bottom at one moment in a small but happy life, and the burning of Kai and Um Ki-jun in sharp contrast with him. The seemingly gaze stimulates curiosity about the work by showing the image of the ‘Counter of Monte Christo’ who was renamed and reborn in order to avenge the subject who broke his happiness.

Ok Joo-Hyun, Lina, and Lee Ji-hye of the Mercedes station who climb the stairs of the mansion in an elegant manner perfectly expressed their beloved lover Edmond Dantes, Mercedes in the pure days of happiness, and Mercedes of sad fate standing in front of the harsh judgment table.

In the drama, Choi Min-cheol, Kim Joon-Hyun, and Kang Tae-eul, who play Mondego, leave a strong impression by expressing the aspects of Mondego who took everything from the promising young sailor Edmond Dantes with a calm yet sharp charisma.

In addition, in the play, Edmond’s mentor Lee Jong-moon and Moon Sung-hyuk as Father Faria full of humanity, Choi Seong-won and Lim Byeol as Billport prosecutors who do not choose for their ambitions, and Danglas, an ambitious man who considers money and success as top priority. Lee Sang-joon and Lee Han-mil add to their expectations for the work with their perfectly permeated appearance in their respective roles.

Kim Young-joo and Jeon Sumi as the charismatic pirate ship captain Louisa who help Edmond who became Count of Montecristo, Park Joon-Hwi, Shin Jae-beom. And, his fiancée and daughter Valentine of Billfort attorney will be played by Yunjo, Lim Ye-jin, and Choi Ji-hye. All actors will show a perfect stage with acting that exceeds 100% of the roles and synchro ratio in the play.

The musical’Montechristo’, armed with casts more ecstatic than ever, such as Um Ki-jun, Kai, Shin Seong-rok, Ok Joo-hyun, Lina, Lee Ji-hye, Choi Min-cheol, Kim Jun-hyun, and Kang Tae-eul, is expected to drive the European musical syndrome once again on its 10th anniversary.

The musical ‘Monte Christo’ is a work that mobilized 450,000 audiences from 15 cities in Korea, including Seoul, through four seasons, showing the essence of a ‘well-made musical’ and created an unbeaten box office, and is the most loved musical composer Frank With addictive music from Frank Wildhorn and spectacular scripts and lyrics by his partner Jack Murphy, this work has been steadily loved by the Korean public for the past 10 years, delivering excitement and pleasure beyond fun. .

On the other hand, the musical ‘Monte Christo’, which predicted the best season of all time with a stage in which 10 years of know-how were gathered, and a successive box office, will be held at the LG Art Center from November 17th.

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