Zhou Zhennan, No. 1 in ‘Produce China’, exposes 17 billion won in debt to parents

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Joo Jin-nam, who debuted in the Chinese version of ‘Chang Jo-young 2019’, called ‘The Chinese version of Produce 101′, talked about his parents’ debt.

On the 26th, Zhou Zhennan said, “I couldn’t find the problem early because I wasn’t interested in my family,” and said, “I was very distressed to know the reality suddenly. I’m sorry to all the victims. I’m sorry to all the victims. Take care of everything with my parents. I will do it.”

Earlier, a netizen revealed that Zhou Zhennan’s parents are in debt of 100 million yuan (about 16.8 billion won) through social media. According to this netizen, Zhou Zhennan’s parents, a real estate developer, sold commercial homes to hundreds of people but did not issue proof of ownership. As the possibility that the common people’s money was stolen, netizens asked Zhou Zhennan for an explanation. As a result, Zhou Zhennan denied the controversy, saying, “I have never avoided responsibility,” but even forgery of documents was discovered and criticized further.

In particular, Zhou Zhennan gained popularity with the image of ‘gold spoon’ by wearing a watch that costs 600,000 yuan (about 100 million won) on broadcast and revealing his usual luxurious life.

When the ‘debts’ of Zhou Zhennan’s parents were confirmed to be true, local netizens responded, such as “Please make up for sure”, “I’m sorry for the victims”, and “Is it really something you didn’t know?”


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