‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Go Ara and Kim Joo-heon went to theater together ‘Lee Jae-wook jealousy explosion’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Lee Jae-wook explodes cute jealousy on a movie theater date between Goa-ra and Kim Joo-heon.

KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ (director Kim Min-kyung, play Oh Ji-young, production Monster Union) captured the movie theater date of Goo Lara (Go Ara) and Cha Eun-suk (Kim Joo-heon) on the 28th, ahead of the 7th broadcast. . Unlike the two people with a friendly atmosphere, the lonely appearance of Seonwoo Jun (played by Lee Jae-wook) left alone makes us more curious about the direction of romance with Goo Lara.

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ happily portrays the romance between Goo Lara and Sunwoo Jun, which are woven in a quick relationship. The two are writing down a dynamic youth movement while reviving together in Eunpo, a strange rural village. The two are developing their hearts freshly, but Goo Lara doesn’t know that Seonwoo Jun is 19 years old. Here, as Cha Eun-suk found of Sunwoo Jun’s true identity, Sunwoo Jun fell into deep trouble. Even after Seonwoo Jun, who decided to settle down to stay with Goo Lara, reveals the truth, attention is focused on whether their romance would be rosy.

Meanwhile, in the photos released, Goo Lara exudes a friendly atmosphere with Cha Eun-suk, arousing curiosity. The appearance of Goo Lara, who feels the force of her teacher, and Cha Eun-suk, the second Laraland student with a proud smile holding a piano book in front of him, evokes a happy smile. Then, the two people enjoying a movie theater date are also captured, arousing curiosity. Most of all, as Cha Eun-suk becomes the kidarian of Goo Lara who brought back his smile to him and helps him adapt to Eunpo, the curiosity amplifies what has changed between the two.

It is also interesting to see Seonwoo Jun, who is guarding Lara Land, while Goo Lara and Cha Eun-suk go on a date at the movie theater. In the appearance of Seonwoo Jun, who is showing a cute complaint to Mimi for no reason, jealousy can be seen and laughter. Earlier, Seonwoo Jun feels a sense of crisis at Cha Eun-suk, who is getting close to Goo Lara through the piano, and is on the lookout for Cha Eun-suk, who even noticed his secret. It is expected that the date of Goo Lara and Cha Eun-suk will bring about Seonwoo Jun.

The production crew of ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ said, “The date of Goo Lara and Cha Eun-suk at the cinema brings a change not only to the two, but also to Seonwoo Jun.” .

The 7th episode of ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ will be broadcast today (28th) at 9:30 pm.


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