Han Ye-seul, ant waist exposed with a close dress…’Barbie doll’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Han Ye-seul was admired with her perfect beauty and body.

Han Ye-seul posted a short video on her Instagram on the 28th.

In the video, Han Ye-seul reveals the latest situation at a luxury hotel. Han Ye-seul, wearing a checkered dress that completely adheres to the body, robs her gaze by revealing a handful of ants’ waists without any fat. Han Ye-seul, who dangles her long straight hair and gives a point with clear lip make-up, reveals a provocative and sophisticated charm.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul has shown various contents such as daily life, fashion, and beauty through the YouTube channel ‘Han Ye-seul is’.


Photo| Han Ye-seul SNS

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