Husband of Koh Eun-mi, sentenced to 42 months in prison for fraud

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Koh Eun-mi’s husband, Yang, was sentenced to imprisonment in the first trial and was arrested in court.

According to Nocut News, the Seoul Western District Law Criminal 4 exclusive (Director Judge Park Yong-geun) sentenced Yang to three years in prison and imprisoned in court on the 28th.

Yang promised to pay 2% of interest per month if he lends 300 million won to his alumni A in 2018 for the purpose of the cleaning service business, and that he would pay it anytime he wanted, but he did not pay it back. In addition, he said to Mr. A that year, “We won the information and communication management business of a development project that is close to 2 trillion won managed by the Water Resources Corporation. If you invest 300 million won, you will pay 4,000 shares, 10% of stocks, along with dividends and valuation gains of about 10 billion won. I will get it,” he said, and was charged with another 300 million won remitted to the company’s account.

In the last trial, Mr. A argued that he was also responsible for Koh Eun-mi, saying, “Even though it is the company’s name, it was remitted to the bankbook of Yang’s wife, Koh Eun-mi.

The judge said that the part of Yang’s return of 24 million won was considered as a favorable normal. “The crime was bad and he inflicted severe damage, but it was consistent with an unconvincing excuse and there was no reflection on the crime. Even in the 2015 fraud punishment, again He committed a crime, was not forgiven by the victim, and did not make such efforts.”

Meanwhile, Koh Eun-mi debuted in 1995 as a member of the mixed trio group, TV. After making his screen debut in 2001 with the movie ‘Killer’s Chat’, he made his screen debut in the dramas ‘I still like it’,’I love you a million times’, ‘I am a legend’, ‘Laughing mom’, ‘Dangerous woman’, ‘Golden Empire’, ‘Woman of the Storm’, ‘The Love of Mrs. Cha Dal-rae’, etc. Koh Eun-mi married in 2015.

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