Kim Ho-joong releases ‘Partner’ PART4 album on the 28th…High-class singing ability + unique excitement

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The last duet song of ‘Tvarotti’ Kim Ho-joong and partners takes off the veil.

On the 28th at 12:00 noon, SBS Plus ‘Kim Ho-joong’s Partner’ (hereinafter ‘Partner’) PART4 album will be released through various music sites.

This PART4 album contains ‘Partner’ sung by Kim Ho-joong with Park Ga-bin, and ‘La Traviata-Song of Toasts’ with Lee Sang-won.

In particular, as it is a trot and opera genre that makes full use of the charm of Kim Ho-joong, it is a selection of high-class singing skills and unrivaled excitement in the Tvarotti list, raising the expectations of fans.

‘Partner’ is a song that expresses the feeling of meeting a dreamed partner with a cheerful rhythm, and the chemistry of Kim Ho-joong and Park Ga-bin stands out, and ‘La Traviata-Song of Toasts’ is a representative opera song familiar to the public.

‘Partner’, which brought fun and excitement to viewers, leaves a special gift to listeners by releasing duet songs of Kim Ho-joong and partners, who freshly reinterpreted various genres.

Meanwhile, Kim Ho-joong is currently serving as a social worker.

Photo| SBS Plus ‘Kim Ho-joong’s partner’

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