Lim Young-woong X Youngtak X Lee Chan-won X Jang Min-ho held the Pong Festival at PPONG School…Who is the guest?

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘PPONG School’ Lim Young-woong, Youngtak, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho will host the ‘Ppong Festival’, which was created by running with their feet from planning to guest recruitment.

On the TV CHOSUN ‘PPONG School’, which airs on the 28th, Trotman F4 hosts the ‘Hot Ppong Festival’ with 4 special guests and a class to inspire ‘excitement’ spirit in the fall of a thousand and one.

Trotman F4 has announced a special stage created by himself with regret for the fall festival that could not be held due to COVID-19. Moreover, Trotman F4 decided to match each other after hiding the guests signed in the veil that only they know with silhouette and voice modulation, and the members made various speculations to find out the identity of the guests they invited, covering the scene with laughter. .

First of all, the eldest brother Jang Min-ho invited a special guest who had a relationship with all the members to draw attention. He recruited Roh Sa-yeon, who was the master of the ‘original flower deer’ and ‘Mr. Trot’, and made a special meeting between the original and the major deer. Roh Sa-yeon, who expressed her gratitude to the members, said, “I was a lot bigger. Congratulations.” She showed off his conversation by confessing a later talk of ‘Mr. Trot’.

Next, as soon as the silhouette was revealed, the guest of Youngtak raised curiosity with a unique hairstyle. In addition, when asked about his relationship with Youngtak, he said, “There is no such thing…”, while revealing his relationship with Jang Min-ho, he presented a reversal. And one of the songs of Trotman F4 was prepared as a surprise special stage, warming up the atmosphere.

Lim Young-woong surprised the Trotman F4 members by inviting a ballad legend as a guest. Moreover, the mysterious guest raised the curiosity about the identity by confessing the shocking confession that “I owe it to Mr. Hero” along with the relationship of reunion with Lim Young-woong after 4 years. Indeed, the two people focused their attention on what kind of ties would be intertwined.

On the other hand, Lee Chan-won’s guest showed an unusual sense of entertainment, such as creating an unexpected situation such as an unusual silhouette from the appearance, and suddenly the light went out in the middle of the talk. In particular, Lee Chan-won and Lee Chan-won made a foreshadowing of a different chemistry by revealing his identity as a family. In addition to Roh Sa-yeon, expectations are growing at the ‘Hot Ppong Festival’ to see who will be the ultra-luxurious guests invited by Trotman F4.

The production crew said, “Trotman F4 plans to make the first row of rooms exciting by planning the ‘4 People 4 Color Pong Festival’ with the Legend Reinforcements.” Please watch your performance.”

Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN’Pongsungahhakdang’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 28th.

Photo courtesy| TV CHOSUN ‘PPONG School’

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