Military Manpower Administration Commissioner “Steve Yoo deliberately dodged draft…His entry would affect the Korean societ”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The Military Manpower Administration Commissioner said that singer Yoo Seung-joon (US Steve Seung-joon Yoo, 44) has not changed its position to ban entry. Following the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the military manpower administration’s strong stance, Yoo Seung-joon’s entry into the country was increasingly distant.

Military Manpower Administration Commissioner Mo Jong-hwa repeatedly said on the 28th that there was no change in the position of prohibition of entry in relation to singer Yoo Seung-joon’s entry problem.

Regarding the written inquiry of Rep. Lee Chae-ik, the power of the people of the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee, “Steve Yoo is a public figure who can affect the society. He pledged to his fans that he will serve in the army as a Korean man, but he naturalized as American to dodge draft.” He pointed out that he was a person who evaded.

Commissioner Mo said at the National Assembly’s National Defense Guard Military Manpower Administration’s national audit on the 13th that the ban on entry to the country should be maintained, and Yoo Seung-joon posted a post on his SNS and refuted it as “very regrettable and unfair treatment.”

Regarding the ban on the entry of Yoo Seung-joon, “(Yoo) believes that economic activity as an entertainer after entering the country will cause a great sense of loss and deprivation to those who are faithfully fulfilling their military service obligations, which will adversely affect society.”

Commissioner Mo said, “Steve Yoo is a public figure who has a significant social impact and deliberately evades military service.” “The general public’s sense of loss, the trend of avoiding military service, and It is difficult to see it from the same perspective as a general change of nationality due to concerns about harming social order,” he explained.

“Steve Yoo has escaped military service by leaving his nationality even though he promised to faithfully fulfill his military service obligations several times,” he said. “Many people are angry about Steve Yu’s avoidance of military service even after 10 years. People’s expectations are getting higher and higher,” he said.

When asked, “I think that individual opinions may differ,” said “the director of Han Woo-sung Overseas Koreans Foundation should allow Steve Yoo to enter the country under the national supervision.” There is no change in the idea of having to do it,” he emphasized again.

Earlier, Minister Kang Kyung-hwa said in a question about the entry issue of Democratic Party lawmaker Yoo Seung-joon along with Ahn Min-seok at the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Transportation Affairs Committee on the 26th. The Supreme Court didn’t properly grant the right to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So, I asked Yoo to observe all processes for VISA. But, after the government reviewed rules on VISA, the government decided to refuse him to grant a VISA.” she said.

Accordingly, Yoo Seung-jun posted a long post on his SNS on the 27th, saying, “I think this is a serious human rights violation and a judgment that is not fair to fairness.” “Please, the Minister will once again consider the issue of my indefinite entry ban, and now “Please allow me to enter the country.”

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