Producers of ‘Get Revenge’ “We will present a super fresh revenge drama that we have never seen before.”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Get Revenge’, starred by Kim Sa-rang, Yoon Hyun-min, Yoo Sun, Jeong Man-sik, and Yoon So-yi, released the ‘first teaser’ that shows the ‘extreme charisma’ of those who want to step on and those who do not want to be stepped on.

TV CHOSUN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Get Revenge’ (Director Min-gu Kang / Playbook Kim Hyo-jin / Production High Ground, Blossom Story, Story Hunter), which is set for the first broadcast at 9 pm on the 21st (Sat), was asked for revenge on an accidental opportunity. Is a ‘mystery exhilarating revenge drama’ that solves the case and confronts power. Kim Sa-rang, Yoon Hyun-min, Yoo Sun, Jeong Man-sik, Yoon So-yi, and other actors with solid acting skills have aroused the topic with the ‘Perfect Actors’, raising interest from before the start.

In this regard, ‘Get Revenge’ unveiled the first teaser on the 27th and announced the hot opening of ‘Mystery Exhilarating Revenge Drama’. In the first teaser of ‘Get Revenge’, it will trample on the characters who try their best to repay them with their best efforts. As the faces of the characters who were going to be willing were revealed, it foretold the ‘Revenge of the Century’ to unveil.

First, while Kang Hae-ra(Kim Sa-rang) and Kim Tae-on (Yoo Sun) pass by, exchanging their gazes against each other against the backdrop of a bleak exposed concrete wall, Tae-on Kim’s cold line saying, “When you step on it, you should definitely step on it” causes goosebumps. Following the phrase, ‘People who wants to step on vs. those who do not want to be stepped on’ passed, and with Kim Tae-on’s voice saying, “I can’t stand up anymore,” Cha Min-joon (Yoon Hyun-min) and Kim Tae-on in different places gave a cool energy. Premonition of a sharp confrontation.

Then, the back view of a woman whose slip string was lowered by someone, and the appearance of egg baptism pouring into a passing car. Moreover, as Kang Hae-ra, who seems to have hurt her left wrist, escapes from chaos surrounded by reporters, and Cha Min-joon is also surprised while looking at the laptop monitor, and the unknown tension increases.

In particular, the atmosphere changes 180 degrees as the exquisite phrase, ‘The exhilarating revenge begins to punish the bad guys’ and the scene where Kang Hae-ra, who was being attacked, pushes the opponent strongly. In addition, in response to Kang Hae-ra’s strong declaration of war, “If you try to trample me, I will do my best,” Cha Min-joon and Kang Hae-ra each move forward with confident steps.

Afterwards, in a situation where Tae-on Kim’s sharp eyes and Cha Min-joon’s relaxed smile bring out the drama and the atmosphere, Eun-hye (Yoon So-i), who walks confidently with one mouth up, appears and catches the eye. In addition, while wearing sunglasses, Kang Hae-ra, who has created a force of thought, exudes a charismatic aspect in the dark darkness, raising expectations for the ‘mystery exhilarating revenge drama’ that will create a sensation.
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