Prosecutors seek a 10 million won fine for Yang Hyun-seok

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yang Hyun-seok, 51, a former YG Entertainment representative producer, who is accused by the prosecution of gambling, sought a fine of 10 million won.

At 2 pm on the 28th, the second trial date of YG Entertainment’s representative producer Yang Hyun-seok, who was charged with gambling at the hearing of the Seoul Western District Law Criminal 9-only (Judge Park Soo-hyun), was held.

On that day, the prosecution said, “There is no similar power, but we considered the number of gambling, the amount, and the period,” and said, “Please impose a fine of 10 million won on the defendant, Yang Hyun-seok.”

Afterwards, Yang Hyun-seok said in his final statement, “I am sorry for causing concern to you because of my non-examination. I will ask for your respected judge’s favor.”

Meanwhile, CEO Yang left Korea seven times from July 2015 to January 2019, and was charged with gambling a total of $335,460 (approximately 388 million won) worth of money at a Las Vegas casino in the United States. .

The police who investigated both former representatives previously sent the prosecution to the prosecution on the charges of habitual gambling, but the Seoul West District Prosecutors’ Office reported that habitual gambling was not established, taking into account precedents and the number of gambling, and filed a brief indictment last May for simple gambling charges. .

However, the court in charge of the case considered it inappropriate to judge Yang’s alleged gambling only by a written hearing and referred it to a formal trial.

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