Rain, comeback as a past-class duo [Official]

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rain returns with a new album in 3 years.

Rain, the best artist, announced the news of his comeback. Rain’s agency Rain Company and the Sublime Artist Agency (SAA) in charge of his management announced that Rain is preparing a new album through a press release on the 28th.

Rain returns after forming a duo with top artists. The identity of the protagonist who will be with Rain is hidden in a veil, but everyone acknowledges that he has excellent dance skills. The news that the rain of undoubted dance skills is with a person who can compete with him is expected to attract great attention along with the news of Rain’s comeback.

With the news of Rain’s new album, Rain Company and SAA said “It will be a stage where the expression ‘End of Dance’ will come to mind as it is a meeting of not only the musical part, but also the talented dance. ‘Rainism’, which is still being talked about as the best stage after 10 years, we guarantee that fans will be able to see more stage performances. Please look forward to Rain’s new album.”

Rain has always been on the best stage, and has become the idol of numerous junior artists with his unchanging skills and perfect self-management since his debut. Curiosity and expectations are growing as to how and when the album he will release in 3 years after ‘MY LIFE Love’ and the identity of the duo with Rain.


Photo courtesy| Rain Company, Sublime Artist Agency

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